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Week 1 – Recap

Activity June 19th-25th

My weekly activity started strong. I managed my active calorie ring every single day (time to up my target!), smashing it on the Monday + 32 minutes of ‘exercise’ & 14 hours standing.

Err, it all went downhill from there… I feel like I should at the very least be completing my Active Calories AND my Stand Goal.

I don’t really feel like I achieve the ring goals this week.

week 1 goals

Moving on to number 2… Well, I did not complete any workouts. And I feel bad. Hopefully this motivates me more next time! I think I will shorten the workouts to at least get them logged.

#3… I started using RescueTime in conjuction with Exist.io which is a dashboard of ‘everything’:… Apple Health, Last.FM, the weather, productive time (more on this shortly), MyFitnessPal, and so many more. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into stats/data and want to see correlations from your own life.

It seems I am a lazy bum on the weekends, so I think I will go for a walk later….!

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 09.59.05

My Exist.io averages dashboard

Exist.io gets its productivity data from a service called ‘RescueTime‘. This runs on my work computer only and basically tracks if what I am currently doing is productive or distracting. For the first few days, I was obsessing over the reports but now I am happy to just let it run and look every couple of days.

For the first full week, I wanted to hit 4 hours of ‘productive’ time a day. I logged 25h27m on RescueTime in total this week. 18h14m ‘very productive’, 2h17m ‘productive’, with less than 2.5 hours of distracting time. I spent 4 days in the office, so it seems  I smashed my 4 hour a day a goal! Result!

#4… I have a draft in Onenote waiting to be finalised! Spoiler, I played iOS games this week! Normal backlog service will resume soonish.

#5… We went through some more stuff, but it’s getting harder now. Sentimental value is kicking in! Perhaps better storage solutions are the key to happiness in this regard.

#6… See number 4…