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Crunchbang Linux

I’ve made space on my PC this week for Linux, in particular Crunchbang. I still dual boot into Windows for games, and currently for Skype as it doesn’t seem to like my microphone very much. Other than that, everything set itself up with minimal fuss. The installer asked if I wanted OpenOffice, and Dropbox took a minor bit of configuration to get going but seems to be pretty stable. Popoplug took a little more configuration but not more than about five minutes and now it starts itself automatically on login.

My PC is so much faster at the things I usually do; browse the web in Chrome. It’s much more secure too, which is a nice feeling. It’s much less cluttered too. If you use windows, and all you do is browsing and maybe office, definately consider switching to Linux; either Crunchbang or something slightly more mainstream such as Ubuntu!


Removing EXIF Data Using Paint.net

A simple way to remove pesky EXIF data in photos (such as location information):

Ctrl + A –> Ctrl + C –> Ctrl + Alt + V

This copies the current image, and pastes it into a new file which you can simply save out minus the EXIF data.

Making the switch to Mac

Recently I bought a new MacBook Air (MBA) for my university work and other portable computing needs. After weighing up what I would be using it for, I realised gaming was not a priority for a laptop and I’d prefer something lighter (upgrading from a ‘lightweight’ Acer Timeline 4810) so I purchased the entry level MBA. It’s amazing! Resumes from sleep in a few seconds, weighs just over a kilo in my bag… and everything seems lightning fast due to the SSD inside. I love it!

One of my main concerns was Microsoft Office…

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