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The backlogged road is long!

I am slowly making progress through my backlog. Maybe by 2045 I’ll complete it…. From the first list of games to play that I posted after exams ended in May, I tried to spend time on Bad Rats (but it kept crashing), played some Hack Slash and Loot (doubt I’ll make it to an hour, I really don’t like it that much) and started on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

I’m quite enjoying Fate of Atlantis and it’s reminded me how much I enjoy old LucasArts point and click adventures. I’ll have to stop off at Monkey Island soon. They’re just so much fun! Anyway whilst I continue to play OpenTTD and ignore my backlog, I thought I’d create a top games list for each of my backlogged console platforms. Here goes!



  • Lego Hobbit (15h)
  • Earthbound (30h)
  • Pikmin 3 (15h)

I’ve done a few days in Pikmin 3, and I’ve completed a chunk of LEGO Hobbit. I’ll probably just keep doing time trials in Mario Kart 8, though. Add me on Miiverse if you want to: geekyjames.


  • Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies (30h)
  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (25h)
  • Magical Starsign (40h)

I’m on the 3rd case in Dual Destinies, likely going to have to restart Miracle Mask due to forgetting the story and hopefully able to get over the slooooow text in Magical Starsign although I couldn’t last time I tried.


Heh, the screenshots do it better justice… Let’s just say I’ve not started any of these really… I should pick one at random and aim to complete it. The random number generator said 3, 7, and 23… which are… Final Fantasy Tactics, Lemmings (I can finish that!), and Hotline Miami. I’ll give that my best shot…


Assassins Creed series, Ni No Kuni, Burnout CRASH… So many Playstation Plus games, that honestly makes me wonder why I bother paying around £40 a year for games that I’m likely not going to play since I still buy games on the PSN Store… At least I didn’t buy a single game in the latest steam sale!

Time to crack on, shame I’m back at work for nine days starting this week… At least I’ve finally moved house, and have few responsibilities if any until October when uni starts back up!


The Steaming Backlog of Steam Games

Inspired by a Reddit post that I was reading whilst procrastinating, I’ve come up with a nice system for dealing with my Steam backlog that’s approaching nearly four hundred games… Gotta do something. And not change the password and forget it exists…

Anyway, the idea is to play every game for at least 1 hour to see if I enjoy it. If not, whatever, it’s done. Move on, if I do then keep playing. Easy? I’ve inputted my steam games into Excel (via SteamDB and excel’s Web data input wizard) and sorted them into one of four categories. Those I haven’t touched at all, or haven’t reach an hour in. Those that I’ve actually completed properly, ones that I am going to skip over and others that I might go back to later. The latter three all count as “completed” for backlog purposes. I’ll sort out separate lists for PS3, Gog.com games, 3DS and Vita titles that I own too.

  • Need to Play
  • Completed
  • One Hour Completed, It’s DONE
  • Might Continue

Backlog Categories

Going forward, I’ve selected the first game that appears for each letter. The first batch is as follows. I think I’ll actually complete more than a few of these (Machinarium, Doodles are Bugged) but there are more than a handful of massive games too (GalCiv, East India Company). I have been meaning to try them at some point, and now I can. This will probably take me till at least the Summer holidays. Wish me luck! Not a lot will get played before exams are over in three weeks. Time to play games revise.

  1. Ace of Spades
  2. Bad Rats
  3. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
  4. Darkest Hour: Europe ’44-’45
  5. East India Company
  6. F.E.A.R.
  7. Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition
  8. Hack, Slash, Loot
  9. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  10. Jamestown
  11. Killing Floor
  12. Lead and Gold Gangs of the Wild West
  13. Machinarium
  14. Napoleon: Total War
  15. Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus
  16. Paranautical Activity
  17. RAW Realms of Ancient War
  18. Saira
  19. Take Command: Second Manassas
  20. UFO: Afterlight
  21. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines
  22. Wargame: European Escalation
  23. Your Doodles Are Bugged!
  24. Zen Bound® 2

Some more rules:

  • Multiplayer only games can be skipped entirely if I can’t find anyone to play them with.
  • Games incompatible with my PC can be skipped entirely.

Clearing my gaming backlog! Let’s do this…

I buy far too many games. It’s pretty obvious what the problem is. I don’t play them enough, then I get bored and buy more. It’s quite silly really. I’m not the only person either!


Anyway, it’s time to get this backlog under control! I’m going to take part in Four in February again like I did this year. And I’m going to aim to play through 1-2 games each month depending my available free time each month. I’m not sure if I even want to take my PS3 with me back to uni given how many Steam/3DS games I have to complete without extra PS Plus games being added monthly. According to some tool I found online, it’d take me around 2000 hours to complete all of my steam games. Almost four years at ten hours a week…

I’m going to set a few rules for my personal challenge mainly to stop myself from having to play through games I detest and can’t stand. Here they are:

  • If I don’t want to complete a game, I must play it through at least 3-6 hours from the start.
    …This allows me to get thoroughly into most games, by playing in generally 2×3 hour sessions. If I don’t like it here, I’ll mark it as null on Backloggery with the reason why in the comments.
  • For a game to be marked as completed on Backloggery I must at least complete the main storyline of a game (and each of the main DLC story-lines if I own them), and see the credits roll in some form. This marks the completion for my purposes. 100% is not a thing I believe in.
  • I cannot buy any new games until at least 5 games have been completed, or attempted and removed from Backloggery. This rule is active as of July 1st, and as such I need to complete 3 more games before I can purchase Pokemon X or Y.
  • Each month, I will post a blog post talking about my gaming experiences that month. The games I nulled, the reasons why and the games that I have completed. Basically a mini round-up of my gaming month.

Currently I am working through Dragon Quest 4 on the DS, and my next plan of attack is to play through some of these:

  • Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland
  • Big Bang Mini (although I suck at these type of games…)
  • Legend of Zelda (Gotta play those ambassador games at some point….)
  • The Dragon Quest games are pretty long, along with the Tingle game but I think I could complete these before October hits with a bit of luck. My choices are likely to change, by the way. Other games I want to try and tackle in the near future (basically, next year):
  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (It’s like 80 hours long, argh. I do love it though)
  • The various Zelda games my 3DS seems to have acquired
  • The remainder of the DQ games I own (5, 6, 9)
  • The Elder Scrolls Games
  • Half Life Series (Don’t judge me)
  • Gratuitous Space Battles /Gratuitous Tank Battles / Faster than Light
    Wish me luck!

Backlogs and Buying New Games….

Backlogs and Buying New Games….
Damn, I really want Persona 4 Golden… but honestly will I get time to play it? Ignoring Four in February I have so much still to play (that I do really want to get around to at some point! Backlogs are a bad thing for motivation to play games. Here are just some of my outstanding games….
Professor Layton series on DS
Dragon Quest 4/5/6 remakes on DS
Retro City Rampage on Vita
The various Grand Theft Auto games for PSP/DS/PC
Chono Trigger
The various Mario games for 3DS that are in differ stages of completion
All the Zelda games I own (between Virtual Console, DS, and 3DS.. Link’s Awakening, Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time, Tingle’s Rupee Land)
Pokemon Conquest and Super Pokemon Rumble
Animal Crossing (Although one doesn’t really ‘complete’ Animal Crossing!)
All of the Fallout games (without getting bored 4 hours in)
Just Cause 2
Cave Story and Mutant Mudds
Faster than Light
Various Paradox Strategy games (although they are apparently very time consuming)
Leisure Suit Larry series (Damn you, GOG)
Orcs Must Die
The Walking Dead
The Stalker Series
Half Life series
The various tycoon games from GOG that I have amassed.
Baldur’s Gate and the remaining D&D games (once again from GOG)

learly there is a problem here. I simply do not need any more games… I think I should aim to finish 3/5 games from my backlog before I buy new ones. So therefore I won’t be buying any more (Animal Crossing New Leaf is exempt from this clause) until I finish at least 5 games from my backlog. Four in February should see me completing two of these (Half Life and Oblivion) and we’ll see what goes on after then!

Wish me luck!

Steam Summer Camp Haul

Game Sale Price Normal Price Saving
Magicka DLC £4.99 £13.22 £8.23
HOARD £2.09 £6.99 £4.90
New Vegas DLC £4.48 £14.98 £10.50
Atom Zombie Smasher £1.79 £5.99 £4.20
Universe Sandbox £3.49 £6.99 £3.50
F1: 2010 £6.79 £19.99 £13.20

Not a bad haul, just wish I hadn’t bought F1: 2010 or Universe Sandbox. The former is too easy with driving assists turned on, and nearly impossible when you switch them off. The later has no soundtrack. At all. For a universe simulator, I expected something quite ‘epic’.. Oh well 🙂

Total Spent in Sale £23.63
Total I would of spent normally £68.16
Total Saved £44.53
Saving 65.33%

Steam is awesome.

Summer Steam Haul

Game Sale Price Normal Price Saving
Magicka DLC £4.99 £13.22 £8.23
HOARD £2.09 £6.99 £4.90
New Vegas DLC £4.48 £14.98 £10.50
Atom Zombie Smasher £1.79 £5.99 £4.20
Universe Sandbox £3.49 £6.99 £3.50
F1: 2010 £6.79 £19.99 £13.20

Not a bad haul, just wish I hadn’t bought F1: 2010 or Universe Sandbox. The former is too easy with driving assists turned on, and nearly impossible when you switch them off. The later has no soundtrack. At all. For a universe simulator, I expected something quite ‘epic’.. Oh well 🙂

Total Spent in Sale £23.63
Total I would of spent normally £68.16
Total Saved £44.53
Saving 65.33%

Steam is awesome.

Update as of 2014-03-16: I’ve played like two of these games… >_<