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Productive Day!

I’ve already done loads today, and it’s only 4pm!
1. Cancelled my Three mobile broadband (after convincing the rep that no I did not want a new laptop, and that no my friends do not wish to take over my account)
– Sent my results transcript to Bangor so they can update my application
– Took my iPad to CeX so I can get some cash for it (Nexus 7, baby!)
– Bought some clear plastic storage boxes so I can start organising the crap that I’m taking to uni
– Ate both a banana and an apple!
– Oh, and I bought Pokemon Conquest because I’m weak willed when it comes to new games. (Arghhh Pokemon BW2 and New Super Mario Bros 2 are coming out soon….. Noooooooo)

Yeah, today has been pretty awesome. I guess because I got up early (well, earlier than I normally would on a day off) and gave myself a list of goals that I was definitely going to achieve. I should do this more often, tbh. The great weather is helping too.

Even though I got OpenTTD working again, and I thought I was going to play it all day… Somehow I didn’t. I think that was the weather… it’s just not right to sit in all day when it’s like this… because it doesn’t last long!

Time for a bike ride in a bit when Dad gets home, around 10 miles tonight I think. Felt bad because I didn’t go after I got in from work yesterday but my legs just screamed “NO” at me every time I thought about going…


Shit bike is no longer shit! Yayyyy.

Took the bike into the store this morning, turns out they’d miss-adjusted it when it was serviced because it apparently has a strange mechanism on it. Whatever it worked! And it was free (rightfully so, I guess!)

I know it’s fixed because I just went on a 25 mile ride with it! And it’s never felt better than it does now! I think the gears were misadjusted from the start because they used to make funky crunchy sounds whenever I changed. No more!


We rode through to Higham and onto Gravesend (via a lovely completely flat cycle path!) where we had the awesome idea to get on the ferry to Tilbury! Which was pretty cool. Not only did we see trains next to the cycle path, we got to see some pretty large ships too. (I can’t help it…) Oh and some really old technology too! Sadly no photos of the trains… I forgot my rugged camera with a neck strap like a moron.

Retro Cash Register

+Laurence Andrews about to be hit in the head by a tanker…
Laurence Andrews  about to be hit in the head by a tanker..

Runkeeper died about an hour before we finished, and I am reminded as to why I shouldn’t listen whilst using the GPS on my phone. Bam. Dead battery.

On the way out we went down a footpath that initially looked pretty cool. It was. Until we picked up some speed. And then the thorns appeared from the trees! My arm looks like it’s been mauled by an army of kittens…. That footpath was a bad idea… At least we avoided a puncture.

Anyway, I just smashed my first cycling goal to have one ride of at least 20 miles between now and the end of August and I’m 25 miles into my 75 mile goal already! Woo. Now I just need to keep it up before I head off to Wales in September.

Been lazy lately, but some good news too!

I’ve slacked off the last week or so since I broke (and have now fixed) my bike, and now that the weather is awesome (and I have the day off work!) now is a great time to get back on the bike (and do some other exercises too).

In other news, I passed my HND with a Merit grade which means I got what I needed to get into the second year at Bangor! Woot! Although it is pretty scary, as I’ll be going in around 8 (short) weeks! This gives more urgency to my getting healthy plans!

I’ve lost around 5kg so far and to be honest haven’t exactly been trying. I looked at the scales this morning and saw 100.0kg which was honestly amazing. This was my first major goal, having started this journey at 104.9kg back in mid April. I completed that 50miles on the bike, in the first two weeks of July and now I’m going to set another 50 mile goal for the next four weeks. It should be achievable, seeing as I generally have three days a week off! 3 times ~8-10 mile ride = ~25-30 miles a week! I want to do it, and I intend to. I really do.

I’m going to start the 100/200 Situp/Crunch/Pushup programs which I’ve been putting off for a while now. I bought the exercise mat which is gathering dust, so therefore I ought to make the effort and give them a go. Some people say they don’t help but since I don’t have access to a gym they will have to do.

Oh, welcome to my office for today…

My Office

50 mile goal is 40% complete!

Went out yesterday and today, and rode for around 5 miles each day. Today I thought it was a really awesome idea to ride down a country lane. That was really a farmers track. Bear in mind it has been raining all morning.

I ended up with a rather large block of mud around my front brakes and suspension fork. Got a tad messy removing it all, and eventually gave up when I got most of it out. I don’t think I’ll be going up that path again any time soon… Today’s ride was 5.6 miles and was a tad longer than yesterdays. I only got off when the mud got a tad thick and sloppy otherwise I probably would of ended up face first in it. (Which would of made an awesome photo, I’m sure)

So it looks like my 50 miles goal for July might of been a little too low but better to achieve it, than miss it because I set a too lofty target.

Onwards and upwards!

[Sadly none of the pictures from this series of blog posts survived being moved…]

Week One of my plan

Didn’t end up getting a gym membership, bought a bike instead! Seems like a better investment, because a bike will last longer than six weeks! Went out last night with +Laurence Andrews for a ride, ending up going just under 8 miles (with probably 2/3 of a mile walking up damn hills…)

My new bike

I certainly enjoyed the ride, and seeing all the details on Runkeeper is quite motivational too! I’ve set a goal to ride 50 miles before the 31st of July which I think should be achievable.

In other news, I’ve lost some weight! I haven’t really been trying recently (as I mentioned previously I was still at uni and stressed etc etc) but I have cut out a fair load of crap from my diet (energy drinks, most snacks) and I’m down to 101kg (from 105kg in April!).

I’m going to continue this trend of less snacking (baked walkers crisps are pretty good, tbh!) and with the added addition of a bike I can’t wait to see how I do over the next few weeks.

Told you I was making an effort… :)

Went out for another ride with Laurence; just under ten miles this time! Honestly, I did have to walk up quite a few of the hills and along the overgrown footpath. My legs just aren’t ready yet… in a few weeks it will all be different!
Went a different direction completely to last time, and encountered an unmanned level crossing, a camouflaged caravan in a field (down what we thought was the footpath we wanted but wasn’t) and a locked level crossing.

The wind was pretty much against us the entire way back, but we made it eventually and then got home in time to watch the football (which I wasn’t really interested in) and firework displays on YouTube. Because I am just that awesome. I’ll keep posting an entry like this after each outing, and every fortnight or so I will update with figures and measurements etc (If only for my benefit really)

Today’s photo if of a tree stump sign and the level crossing that we passed through. Don’t worry too much, there wasn’t a train nearby.

My new bike

My new bike

My new bike

Also a handy website if Runkeeper decides to die half way through and you end up with two activities within your account… Export both tracks as GPX from the website, upload them to this site, and add a manual entry with the new merged GPX file. Amazing.

Summer 2012

I want to outline my goals for Summer this year so that unlike last year it doesn’t just drift passed without me achieving much! I want to keep the goals pretty varied, and I’ll post updates as time passes to keep my motivated!

To start with, I am going to get a six week gym membership as soon as I finish uni in the next few weeks. I want to go at least three times a week, in addition to walking/jogging/clutching my chest thinking I’m going to die three or four times a week after work. I want to start geocaching again too, something I haven’t done for several years.
All this exercising is going to be logged by RunKeeper, and I’m going to set some reasonable goals on there for distance etc. Overall, I want to lose about 14kg before September. I eat pretty healthily when I’m at home; I just fall down epically whenever I’m out. I need to start buying healthier food and not buying lunch at work at £5 a pop. That shit is expensive.

I want to cut out most if not all sugary drinks/energy drinks (Which I shouldn’t need over Summer? I’ll see…) and drink less coffee… Hmmm…. I doubt it will happen… He says sat drinking the equivalent of two cups of coffee….

Moving on from health goals, I want to watch a good majority of the Lost boxset I bought months ago and never around to watching it. I also want to complete a few of my outstanding DS games like Chrono Trigger, Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario 3D Land that I haven’t got around to completing. No doubt I’ll get distracted by something new though… I always do… (Just going to casually ignore the spreadsheet I made this time last year!)

To sum up… lose around 14-15kg, get healthy, watch Lost, play games, go geocaching! Sounds like a good summer to me!