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What I’ve Been Playing – Level 0

Breath of the Wild

I haven’t really gotten into anything much recently. Instead, I tried to play everything at the same time, and got bored of it all before too long.

I started Breath of the Wild, accidentally wiped my save file, started again then didn’t really go back to it. I played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for about 20 hours in the two weeks after it came out, then haven’t been back to it at all. Also on Switch I bought World of Goo, I am Setsuna, Disgaea 5, Minecraft and never really got into any of them. Whoops. Just need Stardew Valley so I can buy that too, then not play it.

On PS4 I got back into Formula 1 2016 picking up my save from last September on the super easy mode, because driving F1 cars is hard. I am currently enjoying thoroughly beating everyone even though they basically all forgot how to drive.


F1 2016 on PS4

I also started Dragon Quest Heroes. Are you seeing a trend yet? I like starting games, I like quitting them even more! I’ll probably go back to Dragon Quest Heroes next month, or maybe next year. Long winded story games are basically my nemesis.

I even started Omega Ruby again, with the hilarious plan of completing a Living Pokedex. It didn’t happen when I was at uni with 30 hours a week spare, and I really doubt I will ever complete a living Pokedex now, or any time in the future.

Going forward I am going to try and play a ‘few’ games a week, and blogg about them regularly. Maybe this will make me get through my backlog in a reasonable fashion. Maybe I could even set a target of beating 30 games before the end of 2018? We’ll see.

This guy is basically a hero. I do wonder if he has a job or a wife, though. Over 5 hours a day just playing games!



Games I played a bit of recently:

  • Breath of the Wild
  • Dragon Quest Heroes
  • Zelda Picross
  • Magical Starsign
  • Monster Hunter 4
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby

Games I plan on completing soon:


My gaming backlog

I seem to have a problem. I keep buying games (, books and movies are also included) and then never get around to playing them. I should really have more self control; I even made a list of what games to play by when back over the Summer. Let’s see how that went…

Out of all of those games, I’ve only completed Portal 2. I haven’t even played most of the rest of them at all. I played about three hours of Pokemon Soul Silver, and about an hour of Ocarina of Time, but that’s been about it. Games are just not as enjoyable anymore I guess?

The moral here is not to make gaming into a chore, play when you feel like, and not when you don’t.

Don’t make a list, you probably won’t stick to it and then you’ll end up writing a blog post similar to this one! That being said, I would quite like to complete at least one or two of these before Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 pop through my door in the next few months! Let’s go with Soul Silver (since I only have to beat the Elite 4) and Ocarina of Time 3D (because my 3DS is criminally underused. On the not so portable side, I really want to get into Cthulhu Saves the World again, and possibly Disgaea 3. But it’s not going to happen.